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Rüstic Cantum

Surrounded by magnificent forests and at the foot of the imposing Bombogno mountain, the Rüstic Cantum is the ideal place to spend a wonderful moment of relax. Completely renovated in 2017, it represents the perfect mix between the traditional stone structure and the comfort of a modern apartment. Enjoy the Alpine feel of the Rüstic Cantum with its windows offering breathtaking views, designer furniture and wood burning stove.


The casing of the Rustico is the same as 300 years ago. The typical stone of the old stables remains the backbone of the structure.


The cornerstone of the heating system of the rustic is a wood stove with heat diffusion that allows you to heat both the surrounding environment and the water.


The wooden floors and the original ceiling of the old stable give the rustic environment the perfect warmth and comfort for your moment of peace.


Located on top of the Rovana valley, Campo Vallemaggia offers a multitude of hiking trails during the summer, and a privileged access to the beautiful ski area of Bosco Gurin in winter. Campo has managed to maintain its typical roots of a high mountain village while also combining a wide range of activities for a perfect holiday.


‭+41 76 693 47 55‬

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